Produce cleaning agents yourself and without chemicals

We know the conflict: on the one hand, we expect cleaning agents to clean thoroughly and remove dirt without leaving any residue. At the same time, we want to leave as little chemicals on our bodies as possible and not inhale them. Maybe you're ready for a new experiment. How about giving essential oils a chance in the kitchen too?

These oils are great for cleaning:

Eucalyptus - for the bath

The perfect cleaning product for the bathroom. Take a 250ml spray bottle and add 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and fill up the rest with water. Then add 5 drops of eucalyptus. Finished.

Arborvitae takes care of your wood

Either add two drops to your wood cleaner or create

Arborvitae: There are many reasons to add this to your next wood cleaner or polish. It is a natural purifier and also rids the air of pollutants when diffused. As part of your wood cleaner (idea for wooden furniture and parquet floors) it helps to preserve and care for the wood.

Cedarwood: Like Arborvitae, cedarwood can be useful for cleaning or polishing the wood, or is also ideal for all all-purpose sprays. It also goes well with eucalyptus.

Cypress: Cypress helps cleanse any surface with its energizing and revitalizing aroma that will quickly restore the atmosphere of your home.

Frankincense: Long considered the king of oils, Frankincense may also have purifying properties that help protect against environmental aggressors.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca): Known for its ability to protect itself from the elements, add up to 10 drops to a small 8-ounce spray bottle of water and spritz surfaces throughout house.