Handgemachtes Diffuser Armband Ice - Oilbuddys
Handgemachtes Diffuser Armband Ice - Oilbuddys

Handgemachtes Diffuser Armband Ice

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Our special bracelet was specially made for Oilbuddies. Your favorite oil accompanies you throughout the day through the lava stone beads. Put 1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice into one of your palms. In particular, put the Sandalwood and Lava Stone Beads into the oil. Rub the oil and bracelet between your hands so that the oil can spread evenly over all the beads. Put on the bracelet and let the ethereal and fragrant aroma on your bracelet accompany you throughout the day.

Circumference: 16-17 cm

Sandalwood beads

This aromatic wood is one of the most traditional materials used to make malas. It has a special, inner warmth and feels soft and comfortable when you stroke it. It also gives off a subtle scent that will remind you of peace and quiet in everyday life. Sandalwood attracts positive energies and supports a calm, peaceful lifestyle.

lava stone beads

The lava stone is of volcanic origin and is considered a stone of grounding. It embodies the quality of new beginnings and starting, gives new energy and strengthens one's own willpower. The lava stone supports you in connecting with determination and your inner fire and turning your visions and ideas into action. It gives you the power to make yourself visible and to set off for you, your dreams, goals and visions.

Clear Crystal Beads

The rock crystal is a "master healer" stone, a catalyst on the way to our self and creates clarity and order. It supports the calming of the mental state and a more harmonious alignment with the higher self. This large healing stone removes blockages and harmonizes the energy system, i.e. it strengthens suppressed or too weak aspects of consciousness and softens excessively strong parts of our self. It helps to a great extent to increase self-awareness and to feel better about yourself. The healing stone helps ensure that your own needs are no longer primarily determined by external influences. The inner needs can also be lived out much better thanks to the help of the rock crystal.

Sandalwood and lava stone beads have the property of absorbing liquids and temporarily storing them. Best for the use and application of essential oils, you get the opportunity to adjust your diffuser bracelet to your current health and emotional feelings and to strengthen the effect of the individual energetic beads.

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