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Entdecke die Heldin in dir

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The bundle includes:

  • Book "The Magic of Being Your Own Heroine"
  • Book "Discover the heroine in you"

Book 1: "The Magic of Being Your Own Hero"

Self-love mentor and podcaster Mrs. Herz shows you how you can lead a self-determined and balanced life. In her self-love compass, she describes in many personal stories how she found her way out of a whirlpool of depression, panic attacks, grief and self-doubt into a confident and happy life. The key? More self love! It's entirely in your hands. In her guide, Ms. Herz shows you the way to more mindfulness, self-confidence and inner peace. She gives you helpful tips for positive thinking, how to set your own limits and get in touch with your inner child. With numerous exercises and impulses that will make you your own heroine!

Inner pages lovingly designed by the author herself.
With exclusive and inspiring photographs.

Book 2: "Reveal the heroine in you"

With »The Magic of Being Your Own Heroine«, Ms. Herz became a bestselling author overnight. In her self-love workbook you will find effective mindfulness exercises, self-love impulses and questions that make you think. The layout invites you to enter, write down and reflect. A faithful companion for every day, leading step by step to a self-determined and happy life.

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