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Die Kraft der Natur - Neue Ausgabe 2023

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The power of nature - new edition 2021

The Power of Nature is a summary of testimonials and explains which essential oils people typically use on over 350 common issues. The types of application and possible uses of individual oils and oil mixtures are described and the use of the oils on the reflex points is illustrated.

The book also includes an explanation of dietary supplements containing essential oils. The section "Fragrances - Influencing Mood - Influencing Emotions" describes which oils can be used for emotions and yoga.

What's new in the 8th edition (2021)?

  • The following oils have been added: Amavi, Beautiful, Bergamot Mint, Blue Lotus, Citrus Bloom, Davana Touch, Harvest Spice , Holiday Joy, Holiday Peace
  • Brief explanations on the organ clock, on the interrelationship between organs and teeth

Author: Devitao
Edition: 8. Edition (2021), paperback, German, 211 pages
Size and weight: 148 x 105 x 12 mm, 204 g

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