Rundum versorgt <br/> Classy - Oilbuddys
Rundum versorgt <br/> Classy - Oilbuddys
Rundum versorgt <br/> Classy - Oilbuddys

Rundum versorgt

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  • 1 triangular shelf
  • 5 white roll on's 10 ml
  • 5 sprayers 5ml
  • 3 sprayers white 30 ml
  • 5 dropper pipettes white-gold 3 ml
  • 1 NC
  • 8 brown sample bottles
  • 1 carrier oil coconut oil
  • 1 Symphony of the Cells
  • 1 Modern Essentials or Balance your emotions

With this set you get everything you need to get started with essential oils at home.

There is room for all your treasures in this beautifully handcrafted, simple wooden shelf. So your treasures are not only a stylish accessory in your home, but are always ready to hand and recognizable at first glance. You can hang the shelf on the wall, the shelf has holes on the back for this purpose. But it's also so wide that you can also stand it up.

With the fractionated coconut oil you can fill the oil mixtures in the rollers, mix your oils at home or create a mixture for oil massage. Here you can pick up the book "Symphonie of the Cells".

In the book "Symphony of the Cells" you will find various oil creations for massages and to support various physical issues.

You can choose between the books"Modern Essentials" and "Bring Your Emotions into Balance". The book "Modern Essentials" is for us the most important book in the world of essential oils. Here you will find detailed information about essential oils and detailed instructions for accompanying various symptoms of the body. At "Bring your emotions into balance" you will learn interesting facts about essential oils and their influence on our emotions. It explains theuses of 43 essential oils in relation to personal feelings and their impact on life.

The bottle opener is a really useful tool to open your oil bottles. Leverage lets you remove the drip cap in seconds.

In the roll-on bottles, you can create your very own mixtures to always have with you on the go.

You can fill different mixtures for the household, for your beauty routine in the bathroom, your specially created perfume, an insect spray or countless other mixtures into the spray bottles.

The dropper bottles are perfect for making it easier to dose viscous oils. Use oils you use daily in seconds, or drip your daily diffuser blends straight from the dropper.

We take our oils with us on trips or fill oil samples for interested friends and anyone who would like to get to know oils in the small sample bottles.

With this set you have everything you need and you can have your accessories in gold, white and brown tones in your home in a classic and elegant way.

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