Das perfekte Set, nicht nur für Männer

The perfect set, not just for men

Hello dear oil lovers, my name is René

My name is René and also known on Instagram as Der Öl-Prinz. My journey with the oils started a while ago when a friend gave me my first oil to support me in stressful situations. Typically male, I was of course skeptical about the topic at first. But I figured it wouldn't hurt. Well, what can I say, after a short time I was simply enthusiastic. Because the oil was simply good for me and did exactly what I wanted.

Since then, my oil stock has grown quite a bit and I can no longer imagine everyday life without the oils. I quickly realized that you can conjure up your own oil mixtures. I was looking for the right vessels for this.

I'm a full-time photographer and I have a daylight studio with my friend Alena. At some point, Sascha and Jonah approached Alena and asked us if we could take pictures for their new online shop. The two of them had our answer in a flash - a clear yes.

My search was over. There it was at last, the perfect accessory for oil lovers like me. I would have preferred to keep every product that we got in front of our lens. So I was really excited. I finally found what I was hoping for.

Here I have put together a nice set for you from my absolute favorites.

The diffusor
It really works every day in our office and just goes perfectly with the interior.

Drop pipettes 10 ml
An absolute MUSTHAVE for me as a beard wearer. Here I can mix my own beard oil. But also great to fill it with lemon oil to always have a drop ready for the water. Spray bottle
First, I find the bottle totally sexy and second, it's just perfect for a room spray with one of my favorite oils. For example, Sandalwood.

Roll on BLACK
Black is beautiful. I never go on a trip without my black roll ons.

Power of nature
Anyone can use Google. This book should not be missing in any oiled household. Here you will find the right oil for every topic. In addition, you can score with every oil evening with blatant expertise.

The Oilbuddies coconut oil with pumper
I don't go to the gym regularly, but I do like pumping. I use the oil in the practical pump bottle almost every day. At the latest in the evening when my girlfriend gets her well-deserved massage after a hard day.

Hexagon wooden shelf
Beautiful things deserve a beautiful place. So after a short time this beautiful wooden shelf was hanging on my wall.

I wish you lots of fun with my set and always stay nice and oily.